Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is my first entry.  I'm nervous and excited.  I wonder whose mind and eyes will read and think about my writing. . . I hope someone's!! 

I remember, as a sophomore in high school, sitting in English class at Warsaw High School.  The assignment - to read The Diary of Anne Frank.  I had heard of the Holocaust, but didn't know too much about it.  I definitely learned that semester in sophomore English.  From that time on I dreamed of going to Anne Frank's secret annex. . . to see where she slept, and wrote, and dreamed, and planned.  I can still remember where I sat in that high school English class. I was a young girl, who had no clue.

Thirty years later, I made it to the Anne Frank House.  Not only was it a dream come true, my love, respect, and passion for what so many people endured has grown by leaps and bounds.  My own life experience has grown by leaps and bounds as well - I'm hoping bringing some wisdom with it. 

So, I'm beginning my blog - now almost thirty-two years after that Anne Frank seed was planted in my heart.  I hope to share my thoughts, my passion, with some fellow readers and writers.